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Our New Optical Sorting Machine

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We are delighted to announce we have recently taken in delivery of a latest, state of-the-art sorting machine!

This is our most advanced optical sorter – having four cameras and an Eddy current checking station which can be used for comparative testing; ensuring parts are to the correct heat treatment specification (Property class).

As our sales of threaded parts in general continue to increase, with clinch studs in particular, we wanted to provide customers with a greater level of security regarding the products property class – rather than simply supplying a second-party heat treatment certificate.

The cameras not only check for contamination and dimensional inaccuracies, but also incorrect aesthetic elements such as misshapen heads, clinch ring defects, and colour. As well as lettering and other non-dimensional problems.

The parts which pass the camera and Eddy current scrutiny are fed directly into the dispatch boxes ready for shipment to the customer. This ensures no post-sort contamination. The combination of these technologies ensure we move nearer to our goal of defect-free products, and to build upon our already impressive quality record.

CL2B Rivet Setting machine/Pneumatic press £1,199

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The CL2B full details of this machine can be found at–riveter

The machine is bench mounted and designed for low volume manufacturing, it simply requires an air supply and so is ideal for small scale manufacturing (prototypes etc.) but is primarily designed for low volume commercial vehicle re-lining operation as the tools it comes with are capable of setting up to 8mm diameter semi or fully tubular rivets (The full range we manufacture can be found at together with a links showing the relevant dimensions)

We would be more than happy to discuss this machine and its capabilities by contacting us at or ring us on +44(0)121-378-5960

Alternatively, we do sell this product through e-bay

As the machine only needs an air connection it can be used world wide, special prices available for quantities of 5 off or 10 off please contact us to discuss your specific requirements

PR-5 battery powered self-piercing rivet machine

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We are pleased to offer the PR-5 battery powered self-piercing rivet setting machine. We have added this machine to our range specifically to help our sheet metal and HVAC customers. We feel it will also be of interest to vehicle body shop customers as vehicle bodies are increasingly assembled using Self Piercing rivets.

The PR5-5 can also be used to set semi-tubular, full tubular and solid rivets as well as having rivet extraction capabilities


Because of our long experience in self-piercing and the fact that to many SME’s it is an unknown quantity, the product is only sold after we have proved its capability to potential customers by riveting the application that they have in mind to their total satisfaction

The rivet specification is key to the joint performance when the rivet is set and so the machine will only be sold only when we have set and tested the rivet joint to the customer’s satisfaction, this also acts as a training platform for those unfamiliar with the technology to ensure its correct operation in the field

It is vitally important that the correct rivet is used to ensure a secure joint. Changes in material thickness will affect the performance of the joint. Any changes of this type should always be discussed with us prior to implementation as a different rivet configuration may be required

As well as the machine and tooling the PR-5 comes complete with two rechargeable 18V batteries together with a 240/110 V charger for continuous operation of the unit

Customers interested in purchasing the PR-5 should send samples of the material they intend to rivet together and any associated drawings (to ensure access for the frame of the machine), we will then

To find out more information please go to:-

Where you will find a video of the machine in action