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clinch stud

Many of Clevedon and Clevtec’s (which includes the old Blake acre) customers have been with us for many years, for which we are very grateful!

Some things you should know about Clevedon & Clevtec: I thought it might be useful to let you know some of the things we do, that you may not be aware of

We have two manufacturing plants in Birmingham, UK (most peoples natural reaction: – not interested –  Made in the UK, they must be too costly!)

Our largest export market is Asia (huh, are you sure that’s not a typo?……..yes!)


We make 28 million parts per month across both sites (28,000,000! well I never!)

clevtec logo

Clevedon has a trading arm called Clevtec – this confuses a some people!

  • Clevedon supplies mainly OEM’s
  • Clevtec supplies mainly distributors

We do buy product from overseas – but only when we do not have the machinery necessary to make it ourselves in the UK

clinch nuts

As well as making SolidSemi-Tubular, Fully-Tubular and Self-Piercing rivets, we also make many specialised cold forgings, which people don’t normally associate cold forging with


Many of Clevedon’s rivet customers don’t realise we do a whole range of threaded fasteners: Self Clinching StudsCD studsWeld BoltsBolt Loks™ as well as standard machine screws. We are also able to supply Riv-nuts.
Many of Clevtec’s distributors don’t realise we can manufacture specialised forgings, the rivets referred to previously, commercial brake shoesMachines and we also undertake special cost and supplier reduction projects.

Please contact us if you have any current order development projects